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I have not had time to update the Gender Power website and I am most likely going to be completely migrating over to my other website, and am not sure where this one is headed.  That is because I have news.

My good news is that I am now offering professional counseling!

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Renee Baker, LPC-Intern

Supervised by Feleshia Porter, LPC-S

Feb 17, 2013

Renee Baker, Ph.D., LMT

Writer, Consultant, Public Speaker

Renee Baker, Ph.D., LMT

3530 Forest Lane

Dallas, TX 75234


Texas DSHS License MT104375

Public Speaking Engagements

I have been public speaking on transgenderism to small and large groups since 2007.  I have spoken professionally for much longer in teaching and corporate training roles.   


Below are a list of current and recent engagements.


Click here for a more complete list.

I write for Edge Publications and the Dallas Voice.  I primarily write on stories of GLBT human interest.  They are stories that I believe matter and will somehow make a difference.  I also write on spirituality and you can learn more about this here.

LGBT Training

Professional Member


Transgender Conference


Photo Courtesy of Musico Roots

Honorary Member

Ally Training

Recent News

Appearance on Rational Radio 1360 AM

Photo courtesy of Judith Dumont

Television and Radio Appearances

I have been asked to appear on public television and radio a few times speaking on both LGBT youth issues and on transgenderism.  The on-air time always goes so fast and you can never get in what you want to say!

Recipient of Katherine Walton Award

I was recently honored to receive the Resource Center Dallas’ Katherine Walton Award for my service to the transgender community.  It is a true honor to be given an award by my Dallas transgender family.


Click here for Dallas Voice article.

Renee Baker, Rita Cotterly, Henry Ramirez III, Maeve O’Connor, Jennifer Owens and Marla Compton.  Photo courtesy Rafael McDonnell.

Named Dallas Future Pioneer


The Dallas Voice named me as one of several Future Pioneers of the Dallas Gay Community.  That  is quite an honor to receive.  Robert Moore, publisher of the Voice said about those selected, “They are individuals who are creating the LBGT community of the years to come.  We predict you will read their names repeatedly in stories yet to be written.”


Click here for the Dallas Voice article.

Photo By Permission of

Dallas Voice, May 22, 2009

2009 Publications


Human Resources


Current Engagements

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With John McCaa of WFAA

August 11, 2009

Meeting John McCaa of WFAA Ch 8 News -  Keynote Speaker


It is a bit of a stretch, but I can say I had lunch with John McCaa today.  For those of you outside of Dallas, McCaa has been a news anchor in Dallas for about 25 years.  He says, “I never offer my opinion” and never will, but at the Dallas HR Diversity luncheon today, he shared in a way he never has.  He rocked!  John is a supporter of same-sex partnerships and domestic benefits, saying we have to move beyond discrimination.  Yay!

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Stonewall March 2010


I had a distinct honor of saying a few words at the Pride rally downtown Dallas outside the City Courthouse.  I spoke on two issues of importance, but also on something beautiful that happened.  It is not often that we as transgender people are honored by the LGB community, but two of our local leaders were proactive at making sure the T community was a part of the march.  Brenda Stowe and Nell Danvers were among those that led the March for Equality.  I spoke out that I was marching for our LGHT youth and also led an impromptu chant “Hey, hey, ho, ho, transphobia has got to go!” 

Dallas City Courthouse Rally.  Click here for story.

Nov 1-2, ‘10

Nuestra Voces (Our Voices) Conference, Dallas, TX

Jun 27, ‘10

Stonewall Freedom Rally, Dallas Courthouse, Dallas, TX

Mar 04, ‘10

University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

Mar 03, ‘10

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Feb 28, ‘10

Unitarian Universalist Horizons, Carrollton, TX

Feb 8, ‘10

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Nov 3, ‘09

Tarrant County Community College, Ft. Worth, TX

Oct 22, ‘09

Oklahoma HR Society, OKC

Oct 1, ‘09

University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

Sep 25, ‘09

Frisco Human Resources Luncheon, Frisco, TX

June 26, ‘09

University of Texas at Dallas Ally Training, Richardson, TX

June 10, ‘09

Cathedral Business Network, Dallas, TX

May 20, ‘09

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

April 15, ‘09

University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

Mar 31, ‘09

University of North Texas GLBT Panel , Denton, TX

Mar 23, ‘09

Professional Hair Removal Conference, Arlington, TX

Oct 14, 2009

Activists urge Dallas club to cancel Buju Banton concert (A story with Rafael McDonnell and Daniel Cates)

Sep 30, 2009

Transgender lawyer announces candidacy for Oklahoma House (A story about Brittany Novotny and Sally Kern.)

Sep 14, 2009

Transgender woman to challenge anti-gay Okla. lawmaker (A story about Brittany Novotny and Sally Kern.)

Sep 03, 2009

Bitch N Brunch grows to more than 500 members (A story with Cheryl Daniel and Martha Blackbird)

Aug 20, 2009

5 questions with Jeff Snook

Aug 18, 2009

Law professor and student reunite after fling in Carsen Taite’s latest book, (A story with Teresa Cain)

Aug 13, 2009

Straight-camp survivor starts support group for ex-ex-gays (A story with James Stabile)

Aug 09, 2009

Crime hits close to home  (An interview with Joey Avila)

Aug 06, 2009

Transitioning to Acceptance (Interview with Oliver Blumer and Mary Kay Cody)

Jul 24, 2009

Compassionate care at the end (Interview with John Steele, Jack Adams, Deb Matthews and Evelyn Matthews )

Jul 09, 2009

RCD program a ‘lifeline’ for those in abusive relationships  (Interview with Heidi Pyron & anonymous)

Jun 18, 2009

Trans-cending Time (Transgender History From Stonewall to Today)

Jun 4, 2009

New survey shows possible crisis among area LGBT youth  (Interview with Judith Dumont)

May 7, 2009

“Under-utilized program can help HIV-positive maintain insurance ” (Story with Bret Camp, Craig Hess)

April 9, 2009

"Light" Reading with a Ton of Heart (Story on Cordell Adams)

April 1, 2009

Career Minister brings Hope to Despairing Job-seekers (Story on Bill Fenson)

Feb 26, 2009

New Era In Store for Youth First Texas (Story on Bob Ivancic, Brandon Dowdy, Bob Miskinis, Chris Hendrix )

Dec 18, ‘09

Guest on nationally syndicated Kim Iverson show, Your Time With Kim

Aug 9, ‘09

Appearance on Lambda Weekly, KNON Radio, 89.3 FM, Dallas (with David Taffet, Wendi Bates, Patti Fink, and Jamy Spradlin)

Oct 12, ‘08

Appearance on The Jack E. Jett Show, Rational Radio, AM1360, Dallas

Sept 16, ‘08

Appearance on the Jack Bishop Show, Rational Radio, AM1360, Dallas

Mar 25, ‘08

Interview with Say What , filmmaker Q Ragsdale, Denton, Texas

Marc25, ‘08

Interview with NTTV, University of North Texas, Denton Texas